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Attorneys Fee

Fee Structure and Costs

When we initially review your legal needs with you, we will discuss the suggested attorney’s fees and costs. Many law firms charge an hourly rate and we basically do.

Of course, the vast majority of lawyers are honest in charging the exact fee corresponding to the hours diligently dedicated to the case for their client. Such fee arrangements, however, do not provide a client with a clear estimate of the total fee in advance.

Thus, we structure our fee arrangements in order to find the practical method for each client.The following are fee arrangements we can offer.

Hourly Rates

In hourly rate arrangements, the client will pay our firm an agreed hourly fee for services rendered by our attorneys on a monthly basis. Our hourly rates are as follows:

Partner   JPY30,000
Associate  JPY15,000

 We also usually request a financial retainer (deposit) for work to be performed. The amount of the deposit varies, usually between JPY100,000 and JPY1,000,000, depending on the complexity and urgency of the case.

Flat Fee

 We will try to offer our clients a flat fee option, if a project can be described specifically, and if the scope of work can be agreed, and if a reasonable time estimate can be established.

Flat fee arrangements will provide a client with a clear outlook on legal costs that will be within budget.

Escpecially as for drafting and reviewing contracts, we adopt flat fee arrangements based on the volume (the number of words) of a contract. The following are some of the examples of our flat fee for drafting and reviewing contracts.

[1] Drafting of an agreement that has
   6,000 letters in Japanese……JPY75,000 (tax excluded)

[2] Drafting of an agreement that has
   5,000 words in English……JPY200,000 (tax excluded)

[3] Review of an agreement that has
   6,000 letters in Japanese……JPY65,000 (tax excluded)

[4] Review of an agreement that has
   5,000 words in English……JPY170,000 (tax excluded)

Monthly Legal Advisory Fee

 We are offering legal advisory arrangements at the monthly charge of JPY100,000. (tax excluded) Under such arrangements, we will provide you with such services as follows:

1. Legal consultation services up to four (4) times a month by means of one-hour meetings, e-mails, facsimile;

2. The above legal consultation services include drafting or reviewing of up to one (1) written agreement;

3. Other services are rendered at a 20% discounted rate.

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