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About Craftsman Law & Patent

Our Services

Specialized Service; IP, Business Law, English

 Masaki Ishioroshi, the director of this firm, attorney-at-law and patent attorney handles a wide area of legal affairs, particularly “business laws” such as corporate laws, intellectual properties including patents, trademarks, and copyrights, IT related laws and entertainment laws, product liability, liquidation of corporations, and so on. He also has experiences in legal practices in connection with medical and pharmaceutical affairs.

 Our lawfirm, Craftsman, LPC also gives support to your global business in such services as drafting and reviewing contracts and other documents both in English and Japanese.

 We believe that the above-mentioned professional characteristics along with our experiences and achievements contribute to our receiving wide recognition by corporations and businesses of various sizes. In fact, some of our clients are engineering firms located in distant areas such as Hokuriku and San-in districts.

Easy Access

Our location makes us the choice of many businesses, not only in Kanagawa area but also in Tokyo area, that are seeking legal advice. Our offices are only:

from Shibuya Station around five-minute walk away (from the Hachikoguchi exit)
from Yokohama Station six-minute walk away (from the west exit)

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Welcomed

 Referral is not required for consultations with attorneys with our law firm. If your consultation is related to any of our practice areas, any corporations and business owners are welcomed to consult with us whether you are listed or unlisted, whether your business is big or small.

Our Main Clients

The following is some of business fields that our clients are conducting business.

Software companies, systems development corporations
IT related device makers
Industrial facilities, equipments or instruments manufacturers
Technology development companies
Biotechnology-based companies
Chemical engineering companies
Media, entertainment, design related companies
E-commerce related, Internet retailing companies
Pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, pharmacists, drug stores
Medical, medical institutions, doctors
Apparel related companies
Management consultants, marketing consultant companies
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Our Staff (including part-timers)

Attorneys 4
Paralegals 2
Clerical assistants 5
The above data is as of January 2024.

How to Contact

While we may be contacted by telephone or E-mail, E-mail is our preferred means of communication.

[Please click here for contacting us. ]

After an inquiry E-mail form will pop up, please complete the form and send it to us by means of your E-mail program.

Office Locations

Tokyo Office

   Shibura Mark City W22F, 1-12-1,
   Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

   About five-minute walk from Hachikoguchi exit of Shibuya Station

Yokohama Office

   Shinko Bldg. 4F, 3-32-14, Tsuruyacho,
   Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama

   Six-minute walk from the west exit of Yokohama Station

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