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Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas

The following are some of our practice areas. We provide counsel and representation for corporate clients in a wide range of legal fields.

M&A and Legal Due Diligence

We provide legal advice, not only to Japanese companies, but also foreign companies in M&A matters, such as acquisition of Japanese companies by foreign companies.

We provide total legal services as to merger and acquisition cases, such as

Advice on M&A structures

We provide advice to our clients on the selection of acquisition schemes and strategies so that the M&A becomes effective and of low risk.

The schemes include purchase and sale of shares, transfers of business, mergers, corporate splits, share exchanges for making a target into a wholly-owned subsidiary, share-for-share transfers for establishing a holding company, or capital decrease and issuance of new shares.

Legal due diligence

We help our clients assess legal risks associated with the M&A transactions they contemplate, by carrying out legal due diligence procedures and providing due diligence report and legal opinion. It would help our clients identify barriers to closing in view of Japanese law.

Drafting agreements and other documents

We draft a non disclosure agreement, letter of intent, stock transfer agreement (stock purchase agreement) and any other agreements necessary through all the M&A processes.

Advice on closing procedures

For smooth signing and closing of an M&A transaction, careful preparation is needed. We provide to our clients necessary advice to ensure a smooth signing and closing. We also help our clients, obtain necessary consents, ensure all closing conditions have been satisfied or waived, organize the closing process, obtain signatures on and deliver all closing documents,

Representing M&A related litigations

Drafting and Reviewing Written Contracts or Agreements

We provide professional services so that our clients make an effective agreement and remove unnecessary risks. We draft and review our clients’ agreements, terms of service, or other documents to have them fit to our clients’ needs, based on understanding of the purposes, structures and schemes of our clients’ business and business transactions.

We have experiences of providing legal services as to the following contracts.

Licensing and Technology Related Agreements including:

Patent Licensing Agreement
Utility Model Licensing Agreement
Trademark Licensing Agreement
Copyright Licensing Agreement
Software Licensing Agreement
Know-how Licensing Agreement
Master Recording License agreement
Patent Pool Agreements
Technology transfer Agreement

Development or Manufacturing Related Agreements including:

Manufacturing License Agreement
Outsourcing agreement
Agreement for Joint Development
OEM Agreement

Internet or Computer Related Agreements including:

Internet Related, E-commerce Related contracts
Terms of Service for Internet Website
Software Development Agreement

Buy and Sales, Distributorship Agreements including:

Distributorship Agreement, Agency agreement
Merchandising-related Contracts
Commodity Supply Agreement
Purchase and Sales Agreement
Franchise agreement

Other Business Related Agreements including:

Employment Agreement, Labor Regulations
Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA)
Transfer of business, merger agreement
Sales, Lease or Other Contracts regarding real estate

Computer, IT and Intellectual Property Related Issues

Dispute Resolution

We have rich experience in resolving disputes over infringements of various intellectual property rights, such as

  • patent rights
  • utility model rights
  • trademark rights
  • copyrights
  • rights relating to the Unfair Competition Prevention Act
IP Related Agreements

We have extensive experiences in drafting or review of agreements related intellectual property rights (including know-how license), such as license agreements, joint research and development agreements. In this regard, we assist and provide legal advice to our clients so that their business purposes are achieved effectively, avoiding unnecessary risks.

Translation of Written Agreements, Legal Opinions and Other Legal Documents

Translation of legal documents needs accuracy, because inaccuracies and poor readability can cause misunderstandings and distortion of content, which could lead to serious damages or disputes. Legal translation service by our lawyers can provide documents that are, not only accurate, but also clearly convey the contents of the original documents.

Geographical Areas of Practice

Our offices are located both in Tokyo (Shinjuku) and Yokohama, but we practice in not only Tokyo and Yokohama, but also Saitama, Chiba and other areas in Japan. There are no geographic limitations for Japanese attorneys. They are able to practice anywhere in Japan.

We welcome clients located in Tokyo, Yokohama, and any other areas in Japan, and outside Japan.

The closest stations to our offices are Tokyo and Yokohama Stations.

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